New Groups

Fona Club is an ever growing club, and always happy to encourage new groups. If you want to join one of our current groups, but need a different schedule, or a different area, just let us know. We'll be glad to help you start a new group.

At the same time, if what you want to do is not currently provided by any of the existing groups, let us know that too. Once again, we'll be glad to help you start up a new kind of group. Just be sure that your new group idea meets the criteria for Fona Club groups.

Below, you can find explanations of the currently, and/or planned group types.

Entertainment Groups

The entertainment groups focus on entertainment and having fun together. Many of these groups conduct their activities in a language that the members are studying, to provide real-life opportunities to practice at the same time.

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Life Improvement Groups

The life improvement groups are a place where people can have a good time while learning how to enjoy life more and experience more happiness.

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Mama Cafe

The mama cafe groups focus on helping mothers to expose their young children to English, and give them a chance to make new friends in a cafe style atmosphere.

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